Foodstuffs and Freestuffs!

It’s arrived!


… and it came with some expected and unexpected freebies too.

I am very happy with our first delivery. The big bag of kale is hiding quite a lot of the box contents in the above picture but in terms of volume and freshness it’s all good as far as I’m concerned… and the clementines do indeed have leaves so that’s a relief. Don’t know what I would have done if the leaves had been missing.

Onto the freebies – we got lots!


First of all – the expected cookbook. I have had a quick flick through and it looks good. It’s split by season (including the lesser known fifth season for produce that doesn’t fit easily into just one of the others) and recipes are suggested based on a particular fruit or veg. There are also some sections about storing food / the different families of veg etc. I will definitely be trying out some of the recipes and I’m sure it will help with the more adventurous items we might receive and not know what to do with! You are able to exclude particular items from your deliveries but we have not ruled anything out yet so we could receive all sorts of oddments!

Onto the unexpected freebies – we got some vampire repellent (bulb of garlic) and two wall calendars. I’m not sure we were supposed to get two but we did. They are both the same – there is a recipe to try for each month and then your standard wall calender month by day view below. We also got a little note saying that we have more potatoes than usual as some of them turned up from the farm looking a bit “grumbly”… they have picked out the grumbly ones but sent a few extra just in case any grumblies sneaked through.

We also received a recipe card (for colcannon involving kale – might give that a go) and a monthly intro / update card with a few more recipes (soup and juices) and general blurb. As far as I remember these are regular features that we will receive with every box.

So there you have it – everything present and correct and some lovely extras to boot. Not much to dislike there. Now we just need to get on with the actual cooking and eating. We are out tomorrow and maybe sunday too, so I need to get organised and make sure we have a meal plan and provisions in place for next week that means we use all our produce.

I’m thinking of making a binder to keep all our recipe cards etc in. To be honest I watched a youtube video about a household binder…

…and despite being the least organised person in the world now I want a pretty binder too! Is it normal to have a household organiser binder? Maybe it’s a USA thing – or maybe everyone in the UK has one too and I have been missing out all these years!

I’m not sure I can be this organised about everything though so I think mine would be for cooking / photography related bits n pieces only. I think I will try to get some supplies and perhaps use this as a productive / fun thing to do next weekend when I am recovering from my next chemo treatment. I’m off to look at stationery supplies online… I know how to live on a friday night!!



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