There’s a first time for everything…

…and that includes drinking vegetables.

I’ve never really got on with vegetable juice. admittedly I have not tried very hard but I know I don’t like carrot juice. Or tomato juice (is that a fruit or a vegetable?).

So I’m quite proud that the first thing I have made with our veg box ingredients is this:

Green Kale & Banana Smoothie

Green Kale & Banana Smoothie


1 Cup Kale (packed)

1 Banana

3/4 Cup Almond Milk (or whatever type of milk you fancy)

1 Cup Ice

Blend until smooth… drink.

Items used from the box were the kale and banana.

It was surprisingly nice! Very fresh and quite mild in flavour. I will make it again – maybe with some coconut milk / flavouring as well. This was my first time using almond milk too – it has a touch of sweetness that I think this needs.

I call that veg box success #1! Probably the healthiest thing I have ingested for about 8 years too… probably should have chucked the clementine leaves in too.


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