Veg Box Wrap Up – Week 1

I will start by saying I had my third chemo session yesterday so please excuse if this post becomes a little muddled – brain is not entirely functional yet!!

As you may or may not know we had our first fruit n veg box delivery last friday and have been steadily working our way through the contents. I don’t think we have done too badly – we have a few leftovers but not too many and we have both tried cooking new things this week. The new box arrived yesterday – think I will do a separate post on its contents and inspiration for what I hope to create this week. Chemo recovery week is tricky as I have bugger all energy or enthusiasm but I must try to stick to a healthier diet this time.

Anyway – this post is supposed to be about how the last week has gone, so without further ado:

You already know about my first two efforts – the crustless quiche and kale smoothie which were a great success. I had the leftover quiche for lunch on monday and tuesday and actually found it nicer cold than hot so that was a bonus and most importantly – none wasted! We ordered in some full fat milk this week with the intention of making another quiche this week.

Here is the quiche for anyone who missed it:

Kale & Feta Crustless Quiche with Clementine Salad

I don’t have any pictures but I have also had a number of banana and pineapple smoothies this week which a very refreshing and dead simple – frozen pineapple with one banana and a cup of almond milk. Yum! Even took one to work for brekky one day which went down a treat.

So – onto the daily meals:

Monday I made quesadillas with an Avocado salad and mexican rice:

Chicken Quesadilla

Items used out of the box:

Extra’s needed:
Square wraps
Lemon & Pepper salad dressing

This was a huge success getting 9/10 from both of us. It’s also dead easy – just whack some cheese down on a tortilla, add a thin layer of your filling (I cooked it all in a pan first with some tex-mex seasoning), put another tortilla on top and fry on both sides. Chop into wedges and serve – I served it up with a fresh salad and some spicy rice. We both love a meal with lots of elements you can pick at. I served it as a sort of sharing platter which worked great. Will definitely be making this again.

Tuesday was M’s practice day at colecannon. He used some potatoes we already had – I don’t have a picture but he made Kiev (shop-bought) Kale colcannon and sweetcorn. He put some Dijon mustard in the colcannon and I have to be honest – he overdid it a bit!! It was nice but a bit too overpowering. He had a second effort on wednesday though and it was scrummy:

Kale Colcannon

Items used out of the box

Extras needed:

For some reason I took the picture before the gravy had arrived – but as you can see we had chop with the mash and veg. Colcannon was much improved using the veg box potatoes and kale and no mustard this time! Overall this dinner scored a 6/10 as the other veg was a bit overdone. M is still working on his timings!

Thursday was the first ever’ Crockpot Thursday’ and I made my first ever pot roast. It was a very simple recipe which went in looking like this:


…and came out looking like this:


Items used from the box

Extras Needed:
Beef Stock
Vegetable soup packet mix

I served it with fancy bread and butter and it was lovely – scored 9/10 again so I call that a success!! I did chuck some extra garlic in which at one point thought was a mistake as the smell of garlic was quite strong as it started cooking. It turned out fine though so it was all good. I did take the meat our with the intention of carving it but our carving knife is crap and it just kept falling apart – so I just tore it all up and chucked it back in like a conventional casserole. I also decanted about half of the gravy and thickened it up by adding cornflower and reducing it down a bit. Poured it back in with the rest and it worked well.

Unfortunately, yesterday being chemo day meant a frozen pizza for M and a load of nausea for me. Today I am also a bit delicate but may attempt to eat the pot roast leftovers.

So, in our first week we have the following leftovers for the box

1 banana
2 apples
Small amount of kale
2 clementine
3 tomatoes
1 carrot
Rest of the garlic bulb

I really don’t think that is too bad – I should have taken salad for lunch a few days this week but I have been so tired and have been a bit lazy. Onwards and upwards though – I have decided to take monday and tuesday off this time to recover from chemo as I have a big meeting to attend on wednesday and I need to be able to concentrate for 4 hours. Hopefully this means I can devote some time to preparing some meals for the week and making sure we carry on our good work. I also got some supplies to make a recipe / food binder which I think I will try to put together tomorrow. I’m off to have a bit of a lie down now – coming soon: Veg box ingredients & meal inspiration week 2…


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