Turnip Challenge

Our second veg box arrived on Friday and as promised here are my thoughts for the week ahead…

Before I start though I must just update on last weeks leftovers. Yesterday I experimented with Kale Chips which did not go well. I burnt them – obviously had the oven up too high. I did eat some of them but they were not good. I will try again if / when we next get kale as everyone on t’internet raves about them. I have no pictures of my failure – just imagine charred kale and you get the idea. I blame chemo-brain! Between us we did eat the rest of the pot roast though and I had an apple too. Today I have had a fruit salad for brekky and this wrap for lunch:

Turkey Wrap

That means we now only have one tomato, one apple, one clementine and the rest of the garlic left over from last week. Oh, and a carrot. Yay us!!

Onto this weeks box. We had another nice surprise free item – a pint of semi skimmed milk. We can always use milk so that was a welcome addition. The actual box contents were:

Blood Oranges
Butternut Squash
Cox Royal Apples
Fair trade Bananas
Ramiro Peppers
Valour Potatoes
White Mushrooms
White Onions

Uh oh – what do you do with turnips??!

I don’t know if it is because of my current lack of mental capacity or this is actually a difficult box – but I’m struggling with ideas a little bit. What doesn’t help is the fact it’s just turned freezing cold and I don’t want to go to the shops at all!!

That being said I have a few sort of half formed ideas trying to use up provisions we already have so I don’t have to go shopping yet:

1. Stuffed butternut squash. Todays dinner is going to involve this. I’ve looked at a few recipes and I think ours is going to involve onions, feta, garlic and maybe cous cous? We have some turkey sausages defrosting to have with this. It’s a bit of a work in progress to be honest – so far I’ve managed to put the oven on!

2. I’m doing quiche again tomorrow – with bacon, cheddar and mushroom this time. Not sure what we will have with it – maybe just some carrots / tato’s.

3. Turnips… so far I’ve seen these possibilities:
Turnip and Potato patties
Roast turnips with balsamic vinegar

Or last resort – chuck em in a soup or casserole – I feel this could be this weeks ‘Crockpot Thursday’ inspiration!

4. Some kind of asian noodle dish with the pepper, carrots, onions and leftover mushrooms from the quiche.

I don’t really have any exciting ideas for the fruit other than to try new smoothie recipes. I did think about doing an old school baked banana with chocolate for dessert tonight. I also saw someones blog saying how they did apple chips in their air fryer which I might also try – but no promises!!

This is evil chemo side effect week so I’m going to congratulate myself if I achieve half of these ideas – and I have no idea if M has anything planned. I might try to talk him into trying the noodle dish.

So there you have it – a bunch of half formed ideas… I’ll report back in a week as to what we actually accomplish!


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