Veg Box Wrap Up – Week 2

So chemo recovery week has been a bit rough – apologies for the lack of blog posts but I have not been in the best of moods so probably best I didn’t decide to rant on here!!

Any-hoo – I am actually very proud of myself for the amount of cooking – and eating! – I have done this week. Long story short, my oncologist finally gave me the good anti-sickness drug I wanted which meant I didn’t throw up for 12 hours straight this time… hoooraahhh!! Nausea was only bad for a couple of days and I could get back to the eating a bit quicker this time.

So.. how did we do? Not bad – used up the majority of the veg but didn’t do so good with the fruit. I rediscovered a love of blood oranges – the sugar kick and zingyness just about managed to cut through my zombified brain the first couple of days after chemotherapy. We still have three bananas and quite a few apples kicking around from last weeks box though so could definitely have done better.

Onto the creations…

Friday and saturday were lost days for me in terms of eating but by sunday night I needed something (I don’t eat on chemo day at all so even if I feel poo I make myself have a proper dinner on the sunday) – and as per my last post I’d decided that I’d try roasted butternut squash:

Stuffed Butternut Squash & Turkey Sausages

Paired it with turkey sausages and made a tomato sauce as I thought it would be a bit dry otherwise. For the butternut I roasted it with garlic and cinnamon and used onion, garlic and feta cheese for the stuffing(Apetina again which I really don’t like – it tastes of nothing). For the sauce I used one of the romano peppers, onion and tinned tomatoes. This dinner got a solid 7/10 – the butternut needed stronger flavours really. I think any other brand of feta would have worked well as it would have been salty to counteract the sweetness of the squash. Apetina is just crap.

Monday – I made crustless quiche again. Boring but easy and meant I could have a little bit and M could have a proper dinner with mash and veg as well:


This quiche had bacon, red pepper, onion, mushrooms and cheddar cheese. It was tasty and we used up the rest for lunches. Winner.

Tuesday – Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodles.. I’ll be honest, the sauce and actual noodles were shop bought but I chopped everything else up myself!


From the veg box this used romano pepper, onion, mushrooms and carrots. This was actually lovely – maybe my favourite of the week. M liked it too and I think it got an 8 or 9 out of ten. We both agreed I should have used more mushrooms though.

Wednesday – Pancetta wrapped Chicken on Pasta with homemade tomato Sauce:


Man I love pasta. I know it’s not very good for you but it’s my comfort food. Maybe I’ll be good and start buying the whole wheat stuff again and then we can eat even more of it! Out of the veg box I used onion, garlic, pepper, rest of the mushrooms and tinned tomatoes for the sauce. This was a bit thrown together as I arrived home after my first day back at work with a very tired, fuzzy head and no idea what to cook. Based the whole thing around the fact we had some pancetta in the fridge so overall I was quite pleased with how it turned out – we gave this one a 7/10.

Thursday – M cooked and again I failed to take a picture of his work. We had breaded chicken (of the M&S variety) with veg box tato mash and some corn. The mash was lovely – we have in the past been guilty of using smash… I’m enjoying real potato much more!!

Friday – I made two things on friday as I had the pleasure of working from home again due to this:


I made the right choice too as M ended up walking home in the snow which takes an hour and a half and probably would have finished me off! I decided to make myself some soup for lunch as we had quite a few carrots left and you will have noticed that I still hadn’t done anything with the turnips. The arctic conditions also made me want to eat all day so I thought a big vat of soup would be healthier than just eating biscuits all day!

It was one of those ‘chuck everything in’ efforts with carrot, turnip, tinned tomato and vegetable stock.. I threw some pasta in too at the last minute:


…and everyone knows that tomato based soup should be served with parmesan cheese on top – so I did:


This was actually spot on and I ate the lot throughout the day. The last time I’d had soup was chemo #1 when I promptly threw up everywhere so I was a bit worried it would remind me and I wouldn’t want it but I did – which is great news as I’ve always loved soup. Another comfort food.

AND FINALLY – the last dish of the week was cooking all day. I’d failed to produce anything on Crockpot Thursday (it was a stressful day due to stupid pointless District Nurses – which is a story for another day) – so I broke out the slow cooker and did another casserole on friday. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture until I was halfway through eating this so the shot is a bit grim. Trust me – it was nicer than it looks!


From the veg box I used turnips, carrots and potatoes… and I cheated a bit by using celery from this weeks box which arrived bright and early on friday morning. In fact I think I put celery in the soup too. It was beef again and I had to wing it a bit as M went for provisions on thursday and got the meat but I didn’t have any casserole mix or posh stock to use. I ended up using one of those stock pot things and chucked some red wine in too. We both got given a bottle of red and white wine by work at christmas – neither of us really drink red wine so I thought I’d try to cook with it instead. The casserole tasted lovely but was far too liquidy – I tried to thicken the sauce up but it didn’t work so well this time. Still, it got a 7/10 and there are two more portions in the freezer for a day when we can’t be bothered to cook!!

I seem to have rambled on forever but I think that is everything. As I said we didn’t so well with the fruit – I’m thinking we will have baked bananas with chocolate at some point this weekend to use those up in a fun fashion and I really need to find something to do with all the apples. I have been eating them but there were loads – and we got more this week! Maybe I could make apple chips / crisps. Need to google that…


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