A chard is as good as a rest…

These here veg boxes do seem to be getting more challenging… this weeks somewhat mystery item (to me anyway) is chard. Doesn’t specify if it is swiss or not – I know not whether that makes any difference!

Full box contents:

Blood Oranges
Fiesta Apples
Kiwi Fruit
Silvana Potatoes
Vine Tomatoes Punnet
White Onions

… and when I went to get the box from the cupboard it had another little freebie this week:


Isn’t that the cutest egg box you ever did see!! These eggs have caused much excitement in our household today as they are not only yummy – but also produced this:

Double Yolker

I can’t tell you how many times M has talked about never seeing double yolkers any more so when this happened there was much joy. I think we might be adding eggs to our order from now on. We are also very very impressed with the kiwi fruit – this was my reward for clearing the 10cm of snow off the car this morning:

Super Fruit Brekky

… and I have to say the kiwi were VASTLY more tasty than any I’ve had before. Zingy and sharp and bloody lovely. This organic lark definitely makes a difference.

Got to be honest though – I am finding this weeks box more of a challenge in terms of inspiration. Celery is probably my biggest issue – I’ve already used some in the casserole and soup I made on friday but we still have about half of it left. I’ve also made a start on the chard with last nights dinner but more about that in the weekly wrap up. So, current inspiration for the rest of the week is:

1. Braised celery as a veggie side dish – apparently it is lovely done in chicken stock. Worth a try! Other than that I will have to resort to stuffing it with peanut butter and eating it as a snack. Can you freeze celery? I suppose I could just bag it up in soup / casserole sized portions ready for when I need it.

2. Chard Pesto – I think I’m going to try this today with chicken and pasta. I don’t really have all the necessary ingredients (pine nuts are definitely going to have to bow out of this one) but I figure chard, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and parmesan could work?

3. sautéed Chard with garlic, tomatoes and lemon juice.

4. Still have not done baked bananas – but I learnt of ‘Baked Banana Foster’ on the intermeweb the other day which sounds easy and yummy and sort of healthy if you control the amount of sweet stuff. Basically it seems to involve baking banana with brown sugar / honey / cinnamon… I’m all over that!!

5. Apple chips in the air fryer – wish me luck!

6. I think I’m going to try a whole chicken in the crockpot on thursday – hopefully this will involve using some of the carrots / onion.

I’ve not really got any ideas for the broccoli other than just eating it – I’d quite like to do something different with the potatoes this week though. We’ve had various types of mash, roast them and put them in pot roast so far – maybe I’ll try a rosti this week.

I’ve got more inspiration than I thought I had!


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