Veg Box Wrap Up – Week 3

Well aren’t I on top of things this week – posting a wrap up before the next box has arrived!

It’s been a pretty successful week I think. I used all of the chard and all of the celery which was unexpected. In stuff that tasted good too – even more unexpected!

Lets just get on with it…

Saturday: I aimed high by trying to do something with the chard straight away. Bold.

Salmon Fishcake, Sauteed Chard & Roast Tata/Turnip

The main element was a lovely M&S salmon fishcake with watercress sauce inside. Obviously I had nothing to do with how this tasted but it was very very nice. With it I roasted some of the potatoes and what was left of the turnips and made a sautéed chard side dish with tomatoes and a kick of lemon juice. It was all rather nice and went well together. Chard success #1 and the end of lasts weeks turnips.

Sunday: Started well with a big bowl of fruit for me and the infamous “double yolker” for M  – then I got all enthusiastic and had a go at apple chips in the air-fryer. I burnt the first lot but tried again and ended up with these:


They were really good – I took some to work as a snack on monday and they definitely hit the spot. I’m going to make some more this weekend as all we have left over from this weeks box is apples really. Then I got really adventurous and decided to attempt to make pesto out of chard. I had to be a bit creative with the ingredients as didn’t have any pine nuts – so my pesto consisted of loads of chard, about 60g of parmesan, one huge clove of garlic, fresh lemon juice , a couple of glugs of olive oil and some sunflower seeds. Whacked it all in the food processor and ended up with this:


… and used it to make pasta with some chicken and fresh tomatoes from the veg box.


So impressed with how this turned out – who knew I could make pesto out of chard and it be quite nice??! I also had another two servings of the pesto left which I bunged in the freezer for another day.

Monday: I had to buy some extra veg for Mondays dinner, a bit of a repeat from last week – noodles but sweet and sour this time and using different veg:


From the veg box we used about half of the broccoli, carrots and a last minute ingredient of celery. I wasn’t sure about the celery but it actually worked really well and M seems to love stir fry with noodles. Its got to be the healthiest thing we eat too. All round win because that means you get to have a bit of a naughty pud:


This was another experimental effort – I’m getting more confident at just chucking stuff together based on what I think will work. This was just some slightly over-ripe bananas in a dish, a liberal sprinkling of cinnamon, drizzled with honey and I bunged on some brown sugar for good measure. Baked for about 12 minutes and a splodge of vanilla ice cream on top. LUSH. Will absolutely be making this again.

Tuesday: Our first dinner completely cooked in the air-fryer. I went for chicken drumsticks with a peri peri marinade and potato cubes with Cajun seasoning. Served it with a salad & lemon dressing as everything else was a bit spicy. In the Air Fryer:


Out of the Air Fryer and with the salad:



The chicken was fab – really juicy and such an easy dinner to make. The salad cooled things down well too. I think it would have been better with a more sticky marinade for the chicken but overall this was lovely. From the veg box this finished this weeks potatoes and a load of carrots / celery / tomatoes for the salad.

Wednesday: Second outing for the chard pesto – this time I did penne with chorizo, pepper, onion, mushrooms – and lots of fresh basil.


This was bloody lovely if I do say so myself. M liked it a lot too. I have to say, it is very satisfying eating something you have pretty much made from scratch. Maybe I’ll try making pasta one day so I really can say I made everything!!

Thursday: Crockpot day! I did a whole chicken today and it was really easy and tasty too. Basically cut up what was left of the veg – carrots, onions and celery – and chucked it in the crockpot with the chicken and a little bit of stock. I seasoned the chicken with thyme and paprika, drizzled on a bit of olive oil and stabbed some holes and shoved bits of garlic in too. This is what it looked like before I turned the crockpot on:


…and served with a small baked potato, rest of the broccoli and the carrots from the crockpot. I took the chicken out and browned it in the oven for about 10 minutes and that was enough for crispy skin:


I tried to make a gravy with some of the liquid – wasn’t entirely successful in consistency but it tasted great!! I think we will be having the leftovers for dinner tomorrow and I’ve kept all of the liquid / bones to make a stock too.

I don’t have pictures and they would not be vey interesting if I did – but I have been very good this week at taking the fruit and some raw veg to work as snacks this week. Really enjoyed the kiwi and oranges, and have been having apple slices and celery sticks with peanut butter which is something I picked up in America.

This week we only have one kiwi, one tomato and about five little apples left – and we had a lot of apples at the beginning of the week. I will take a few to work with me tomorrow too. Overall I think it’s been a good week. My favourite dinner was probably the Penne Pesto … I really do love pasta!!



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