Veg Box Wrap Up – Week 4

I realise I have not done a weekly inspiration post – I wasn’t feeling very inspirational last week. Thought of final FEC chemotherapy and the possibility of finally getting my HER2 results back got me down a bit. Final FEC is now done though and HER2 results came in negative. For those of you that don’t know – this means my cancer is not as aggressive as it could be and I don’t have to visit the chemo ward every three weeks for another year to have a drug called Herceptin to combat this. Great news! FEC #4 has knocked the stuffing our of me though. Had it on friday and I feel like crap. I’d also been waiting since september for that HER2 result and it’s just all a bit draining. It’s difficult when people say “halfway through!” like you’re supposed to dance around with joy. In reality all I think is “oh god, I’ve got to do it all again – with new and interesting side effects like eyebrows falling out and nails potentially dropping off”… must try not to be glum though. Maybe Tax will be kinder than FEC in the side effects department. Just have to wait and see.

On the plus side – M had a burst of enthusiasm last week and did quite a lot of the cooking, so I do have some dinners to show you.

I guess I should start with what we got in the box:

  • Carrots
  • Cocktail vine tomatoes
  • Courgettes
  • Fairtrade bananas
  • Fennel
  • Kiwi fruit (approximately 33 of them!!)
  • Parsnips
  • Pomegranates
  • Red Pepper
  • Silvana potatoes

This was our fourth box so we got it free due to an offer – total cost for eggs and delivery £3.08. Bargain!!

Onto the dinners…

Saturday – M made a casserole in the crockpot – Sausage and bean:


Did not actually use anything from the veg box for this one! It did involve onion and potato but they were bought separately. Was tasty though – and very filling. I’m not the biggest fan of beans but I enjoyed these – cannellini beans apparently.


He branched out in a big way on Sunday though – cooking fennel which was a first for both of us. Schnitzel and roasted vegetables – I’m sorry these pictures are crap, I had the wrong lens on my camera and was too lazy to change it!

The veggies:



The Schnitzel:



Used loads of veg box items for this one – fennel, potato, vine tomatoes, onions and we think carrot – but could have made that last one up!! This was a lovely dinner and we are both fully converted to fennel. We were a bit worried it would be a bit dry but the tomatoes added just enough juice. Nom nom nom!!


Monday’s dinner was another German inspired effort – frikadellen, again with roasted vegetables and feta:



Another really good dinner – using courgette, last of the tomatoes, carrots, red pepper and finally the last of the Apetina feta cheese. I discovered that roasted Apetina is the best way of eating it – still won’t buy it again though!!


Tuesday’s dinner – I was feeling lazy so it was a pasta dish with store bought garlic sauce, chorizo, four random leftover meatballs I found in the freezer chopped up and penne:


I chucked in the rest of the courgette and red pepper and of course we topped it with cheese. Not the best for you but I had to have my pasta fix!!

Now Wednesdays dinner doesn’t look all that appetizing but I promise it was yummy. Another one of M’s creations – it always tastes good, he just needs to work on presentation!! Pork chop with roasted carrot, honey and mustard parsnips and mash:



The best bit of this was the parsnips – he made the marinade himself and got the mix bang on. Well done M!

Thursday M went to the cinema and I’ll be honest – I had a sandwich and crisps for dinner!! Very bad but I was depressed about chemotherapy the following day and couldn’t work up any enthusiasm to cook for myself. Friday was a lost day to eating and yesterday I had some toast, fruit and chicken Goujon.

We were very bad with the fruit last week I’m afraid. Both pomegranates and the majority of the kiwi are still in the fridge. I was just so lazy – I would normally take fruit for lunch but I just didn’t!! We did eat all the bananas though – some for lunches but on the more fun side of things I made this banana split:


and this pineapple banana smoothie with the last one today:



A new box arrived on friday – and it’s a good one. I will try to get round to writing an inspiration post this week but it’s tricky when you feel like crap to get too enthusiastic about food at all. Hopefully I will feel a bit better tomorrow. Until then I’ll be mainly eating fruit…




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