Veg Box Wrap Up – Week 5 … and Week 6 Inspiration

Oh dear.

It has been a terrible week. To be honest I’m just going to draw a line under it and move on. We do seem to have eaten most of the veg box ingredients we got but I couldn’t tell you what they were or what we had apart from a couple of meals. FEC chemo #4 completely fucked me over in a way it hasn’t previously. All Side effects amplified (although I managed not to actually puke again – hurrah for the fancy anti-sickness pill). Eating has not gone very well due to nausea and I’ve been walking around in some kind of fog since February 1st. So lethargic and brain not at all functional! Finally feeling more normal again yesterday. I guess it’s a cumulative effect – which is a bit worrying as I’ve now got to do it all again with four lots of the new drug. I’ll write about that in a different post though.

Anyway – the point is I don’t have much of a wrap up for you. Here’s what I remember and have pictures of:

Tuesday we had sausages with broccoli and a potato and fennel gratin that I made as wanted to do something different with the potato:


I remember that I didn’t much like the sausages – they were bratwurst. I think they were just a bit much for how rubbish I was feeling. The gratin was nice though – I just did it with full fat milk and a bit of cheddar. Fried the fennel a little bit just sliced up the taters thin and layered it all with a liberal sprinkling of salt, pepper and thyme. Bunged it in the oven for about 45 minutes. It is the only thing I achieved on tuesday and I was quite proud of myself!

We have to fast forward to Friday for another meal – but during the week I mainly ate stuff like this:


I ate a whole pot of tzadziki and humous and a lot of carrot and cucumber sticks… and hula hoops. Not the healthiest diet but I just went with what I fancied. Oh, I did eat lots of fruit – it was a good box for fruit with grapefruits, oranges and a mango. Nom nom nom!!

Anyway, on Friday I made another not so healthy dinner. I actually had to take the day off work sick on Friday and slept for most of the day. Managed to drag myself out of bed by the afternoon though and felt a bit better – so wanted to do something that was a bit of a treat. So we had taco mix on tortilla chips:


This is not the best picture – I promise you it was a treat! Made the taco mix with turkey mince, kidney beans, onion, peppers and mushrooms (and spices obviously) and layered it on top of the chips. Grated cheese over the top, banged it in the oven for about 12 minutes and then served with a ton of sour cream. Lush!! We both love this but obviously it’s not very healthy so we don’t have it very often.

I’m afraid that’s it – not a very good wrap up but there’s no point pretending. Am thinking about skipping the veg box on chemo recovery week from now – but maybe I’ll wait and see how I react to the change in drug. Apparently it should not make me sick or nauseas so will probably keep the box for the first one and see how I get on.

SO – onto week six. This is what we got:

  • Broccoli
  • Brown Mushrooms
  • Chard
  • Clementines (with leaves again!)
  • Fairtrade Bananas
  • Red Delicious Apples
  • Red Pepper
  • Stripetti Squash
  • Valour Potatos
  • White Onions

This weeks mystery item is definitely Stripetti Squash. I’ve cooked lots of things with butternut squash but this is a different beast altogether. Looks like a water melon!

We also got an extra box this week as it is pancake day on tuesday – could not pass up the special ‘Pancake Day Box’ obviously! We needed eggs anyway and for £6.99 we could get all the other ingredients needed too…


In the box we got:

  • Micheal and Clare Marriage’s freshly milled flour from the Wiltshire/Berkshire border
  • Guernsey rich milk
  • Creamy butter from Somerset
  • Organic Welsh eggs.
  • 2x Lemons and golden
  • Fair-trade sugar

and another freebie:


This bread is lovely – I’ve practically scoffed the lot today. It is only a small loaf!

So we’ve got lots of interesting ingredients this week and I’m determined to do better than last week. Wouldn’t be difficult I suppose. Inspiration-wise, so far I’m thinking:

  • Stir-fry. I know we have it practically every week but we both really like it! This should use up the last of the chinese leaf and carrots we got last week plus some chard, pepper, mushrooms and broccoli.
  • Pasta dish – I’ve still got one serving of chard pesto in the freezer so I’m going to do something involving that plus fresh chard, mushrooms,  fresh basil and salmon fillets. I’m now wondering if I can incorporate the last of the sour cream into this too… hmmm.
  • I need to make something with the squash. Apparently it is similar to a spaghetti squash. This doesn’t help me as I’ve never cooked one of those either!! Still working on this one…
  • Pancakes! Obviously we can do traditional lemon and sugar but we will probably have savoury pancakes too. Normally I would do a smoked salmon / mushroom / creme fraiche mix but I’m not supposed to eat smoked salmon while on chemo so will have to think of something else. I saw a chorizo and scrambled egg filling recipe that looked good – or maybe we’ll go with a more standard ham and cheese.  I’m thinking the sweet pancakes will involve some of the bananas… with icecream and chocolate sauce and cream… mmmmm!
  • We got some chicken pieces in the shopping today – thighs and legs and drumsticks. I think I will do another air-fryer meal with some of these and the potatoes. Will try to make it a bit different to the last one – but this could just involve a different marinade and spices on the taters.

Not too ambitious – really I’m just aiming to do a dinner every night unless we are out! Lets see how that goes…


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