Veg Box Wrap Up – Week 6

It has been a bit of a better week – just knackered rather than knackered and feeling like shit… which means the food this week is a tad more interesting. Lets not dilly dally…

Sunday – we had stir fry. For some reason I didn’t take a picture – but it was much the same as all the other stir fry’s I’ve posted. From the veg box this used broccoli, chard, red pepper, carrot and some of the mushrooms. I think it was sweet chilli sauce and we had it with chicken and noodles. Stir fry is always a winner in our house 🙂

Monday – Something I have not mentioned before is that M is a bit funny about eating fish. It’s not that he doesn’t like it, more that he really really hates fish bones. So on Monday I decided to cook (boneless fillets!) or salmon with the last of the chard pesto that was still in the freezer. I chucked a load of basil, broccoli, extra chard, some of the mushrooms and the last of the sour cream from when we had taco mix on tortilla chips. There wasn’t too much sour cream!!

Salmon Pesto Pasta

This was very lovely and best of all – M liked it too. I grilled the salmon. I was going to do it in foil parcels in the oven but I took the foil out of the draw, held it upside down by mistake and it fell on the floor and tumbled away under the sofa leaving a trail of foil across the room. A sort of foil red carpet… that the cat immediately walked down. So that was the end of the foil.

Tuesday – pancake day!!! M made the batter and then we split it evenly between savoury and sweet. For the savouries we opted for easy and just had cheese and ham – we did get fancy ham from M&S though:

Ham n Cheese Pancake

Nom nom nom!! I had two, M had three. They were gooood! But not as good as what I made next:

Banana chocolate with ice cream and squirty cream

Banana Chocolate Pancake

and Clementine chocolate with ice cream and squirty cream:

Clementine Chocolate Pancake

Is it wrong to have two desserts? Not on pancake day surely…

Wednesday – chicken and (sort of) chips. M made a lovely honey mustard marinade for the chicken and we did it all in the air-fryer. The potatoes were not quite done enough to be honest – I think there was too much in there. Next time I’m going to try potato wedges on their own so I can shake them around properly. It was still nice though:

Honey Mustard Chicken

Thursday – I took on the stripetti squash. I did actually go to work on thursday for once as I had a workshop I really didn’t want to miss in the morning. So I sorted the District Nurse to come in the afternoon. The workshop went really well – so I was pretty happy when I got home and being their early gave me plenty of time to cook the squash – it did take two hours!!

I ended up cooking it for 1.5 hours and then adding a stuffing mixture of onion, red pepper,bacon  lardons, feta cheese (and it wasn’t bloody Apetina) and a bacon / tomato pasta sauce from the cupboard. Cooked it for another half an hour and it came out looking like this:

Stuffed Squash

This was great – the squash had a sort of pasta like quality and the saltiness of the cheese and bacon worked perfectly. It took a long time in the oven but it was worth waiting for!

That’s it for last week – we treated ourselves to some M&S food on friday (lasagna) as we were both really tired. We also got some of the best custard ever (M&S vanilla, extra thick – trust me, it is delicious) and a slice of lemon tart each on friday night and a jam sponge pudding on saturday. Norty but lovely… sorry, no pictures.

On the fruit front – we used some of it for the pancakes and to be honest, I just ate the rest as snacks and with my lunch. We ended up with one apple left over I think which isn’t bad. All in all it was a pretty good week of eating.


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