We’re going to the ZOO ZOO ZOO!!

Or I should say, we went to the zoo and we’re going again in three weeks time… for a week long zoo and safari park tour. We’re clearly not going to get a big holiday this year but I always enjoy our zoo tours and M has planned it so we alternate days at zoos and safari parks. As I am going to still be buggered from chemo (which incidentally I had the last session of yesterday – HURRAH!!) so I can’t really maintain a whole week of walking round zoos – the safari parks are so I can just sit in the car and have some more restful day.

Any-ho – getting back to the main point of this post, you might remember me saying we had special tickets to go and see London Zoo’s new Tiger Territory exhibit before it opened to the public. Well we did go and we had a good time despite it being some of my worst chemo recovery days. I took A LOT of painkillers and we took it slow – but I’m really glad we went. We also stayed in a hotel and went to Chessington the following day which was also good fun. I was absolutely pooped the following few days but it was worth it 🙂

So without further ado – a few shots from our trip:

This is Jae Jae, London’s new male tiger – he, and the female – are absolutely gorgeous. The new exhibit is good too. They have had to incorporate some listed building and feature (like a sea lion viewing platform that hasn’t been used since the 60’s) and they have done this well. The foliage needs to grow to give the tigers some hiding places but on the whole it is a massive improvement on the old enclosure.

Jae Jae 3 130321

Jae Jae 5 130321

Jae Jae 7(EDIT) 130321

… and for anyone who is wondering – the new residents of the old tiger exhibit are the pygmy hippos, not sure if this ir permanent or a temporary arrangement. They have made short work of turning it into a mud hollow though:

Pygmy Hippo 1 130321

I also really like the last new exhibit London Zoo put in – Penguin Beach. Sat here for ages watching the ‘guins and taking pictures. It is a huge area for them and they seem to enjoy it!

This is Rocky the lone rockhopper penguin that lives there – he has a huge personality and clearly loves any attention:

Rocky Profile 130321

…and some un-named swimmers:

Penguin Dive 130321

Penguin Surface 130321

As always the reptile house didn’t disappoint and I also enjoyed seeing the Galapagos tortoise too:

Galapogas Tortoise 1 130321

Monitor Lizard 2 130321

Mono Basilisk Lizard 2 130321

I realise this post is probably getting a bit picture heavy so I’d better save the shots from Chessington for another day. Here is the link to all the shots I have processed from London Zoo though:

Bird Walkthrough 1 130321

It was great to get out with the camera again and really looking forward to our trip in a few weeks. Fingers crossed for good weather and posing animals!!


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