Squish and stuff

After yesterdays muffin not-a-total-failure I have been inspired to get a bit more creative with the veg box ingredients again. If you have been reading for a while you’ll know that I used to do a veg box round up each week. I stopped these because we stopped getting the veg box half way through my chemo – I had oral thrush for about three months and that puts a severe downer on your eating habits. I can’t tell you how crap oral thrush makes your life. I also had sod all energy to cook by that point!!

We started up the veg boxes after my surgery though and we’ve been pretty good at using all the stuff up – but in all honesty I’ve not been very inventive or put much effort into the cooking! So today I decided to put a teeny bit more effort in and did a stuffed butternut squash. The last stuffed squash I did was a bit too sweet – if I remember rightly it involved cinnamon and various veggies. It was nice – but I remember thinking something salty would work better with the sweetness of the squash. So this time I opted for pancetta, feta and red onion as the filling.

Before we get to the filling though I had to prepare the squash itself… to do this:

Cut it in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds and stringy bits. Score the flesh with a knife and put a bit of butter, squashed garlic clove and sprig of rosemary in the hole where the seeds were in each half. Whack that in the oven for 50 minutes at about 180 degrees and it’s ready.

While it is cooking fry your pancetta and onion and set to one side. Cube however much feta you want to add and have that ready too.

Once the squash is done you need to scoop out the flesh without damaging the skin. I’d suggest just using a spoon – I started with a knife but inevitably ended up stabbing a hole through the skin. Once you’ve got the flesh scooped out into a bowl, squish it with a fork, add the pancetta, feta and onion and mix together. Spoon it back into the squash skin cases and sprinkle a bit more feta over the top. Pop it back in the oven  for 15 minutes. While that’s cooking knock up a quick salad and / or any other sides you think would go well – add your squash once it’s done and this is what it should look like:



This was good – much nicer than the previous effort and I can’t imagine it is particularly bad for you. Ok, there is bacon and cheese, but the rest is veggie based. You could do this with just feta or just pancetta / lardons – I think it would work equally well and if the squash was smaller it would make a good side dish.

Pretty pleased with today’s veg box effort – we’ll be having that again!


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