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September Trash…

It’s ok, I’ve put the misery in a box for now… this post is all about inane girly related stuff instead. How would you like to see my trash? These are the things of note that I used up in the month of September. Apologies for the quality of the photo’s – I had to take a half day off work last week to rest as I have been absolutely exhausted and I took these just before literally keeling over and falling asleep in the middle of the day. I think it shows!! I never sleep during the day – I was a tad tired…

First up is the hair stuff:


‘Fast’ Shampoo –
My mum got me this after I finished chemo – it is supposed to make your hair grow quicker. I’ve used up the shampoo but still have the conditioner on the go. To be honest I have no idea if it has made my hair grow quicker or not as this is all I had been using after chemo. My hair has always grown pretty quickly so the jury is out on how much impact this has had – but it is fine as a shampoo regardless. Not sure it’s worth the hefty price tag – apparently there is a shampoo bar from Lush called ‘New’ which is a bit cheaper and I’m told it is effective. Maybe I’ll give that a try next.

TRESemme 2 in 1 Shampoo –
Gonna be honest – this bottle is humungous and I’ve had it for AGES. Since before chemo when all I was allowed to use was Simple brand hair stuff. Again it was fine – good value but I wouldn’t rave about it. To be fair, I am yet to find a shampoo that I would rave about! I’m quite relieved it’s finally used up and I can move onto something new.

Hair Dye Conditioners (Nice n Easy & Garnier Nutrisse) –
I seem to be perpetually dyeing my hair these days. I prefer the Garnier dye to the Nice n Easy – leaves my hair feeling nicer and covered all the whiteness better.


TRESemme Heat protect spray –
Had this for an age too. In fact I probably got it with the shampoo. It’s the best heat defence spray I’ve used in that it does actually seem to make a difference. You don’t feel you’re just putting it on because you feel you should like with other ones I’ve tried. Would re-purchase.

Moving onto body related stuff:


Boots Extracts Cocoa Body Wash –
LOVE this stuff. It smells divine – as do all the other ‘flavours’ in this range. I will be going to boots to get some more Extracts products this week I like it so much!

Soap and Glory Flake Away –
As body scrubs go, this was just fine. It is pretty effective but doesn’t smell as nice as the ‘Breakfast Scrub’ from the same brand and isn’t moisturising like some others I’ve tried. I liked it, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price tag to be honest.


Champneys Citrus Glow Body Scrub –
This was a bit odd. I thought I liked it because it felt really moisturising – but then I realised that it felt like that because it was leaving a sort of slimy film on my legs. It smelt pretty good and exfoliated well – but the slimy film was a no-go for me. Would not re-purchase.

Nivea Double Effect Anti-perspirant –
Liked this. Did the job and smelt nice. Not much more to say really!

Vaseline Active Fresh Anti-perspirant (compressed) –
I got this and basically the same thing from Sure to carry around in my bag. As I am such a sweaty mess with my hot flushes it’s nice to have some back-up and because they’re compressed they’re a good size for toting around. This one was a bit crap though. It seemed to run out really quickly – and it’s not like I was using it as my every day deodorant. The Sure one is still going strong so I think I’ll steer clear of Vaseline deodorant from now on. It smelt ok and it did work to be fair.

…and that’s the lot. I’ve also used various run of the mill body washes but nothing worth a mention. The Boots Extracts stuff is definitely my favourite. I wish they did shampoo and conditioner – then my hair could smell delightful too!!


Spoil Yourself…

I’ve realised something about myself and I am doing my best to rectify it…

When I have nice things – like beauty products or clothes – I tend to hoard them rather than use them. Not kidding –  I have a whole bathroom full of fancy moisturiser and wotnot that I have not been using for ages. It is like I’m saving it all so it won’t run out – but that pretty much defeats the purpose of having it! I’m as bad with clothes – save the nicest things for special occasions which means they don’t get a whole lot of use. I have started to wear makeup again (it was all a bit pointless when I was bald with not brows / lashes and had my steroid moon face) – but I tend to stick to the same items and have lots of products stashed in draws not being used.

So I am making a concerted effort to start using this stuff. I’m also making a concerted effort to treat myself in small ways. For instance – there is a shower cream from Boots that I really like – but it costs £4.50. I know that isn’t a lot compared to more luxury brands – but traditionally I’ve just got whatever is on offer in Asda for £1 – so £4.50 seems a little extravagant! I like it though – so I went and got some last week and I’ve been very much enjoying using it!!

Basically I want to stop the habit of always getting the ‘good value’ offer and if I know I like something a little more expensive then I think I deserve to have it. Not that I’ll be needing any moisturiser or body scrub any time soon – I need to work my way through the mountain of gifts I’ve received and never opened first!! I believe what I’m doing in that respect is “shopping my stash” – and I’ve already discovered a couple of favourites 🙂

On that note – I thought it might be fun to name a few of my favourites periodically… stuff I’ve been using for a whole and keep repurchasing, or new things I’ve found that I love. So here’s the first instalment – and I encourage anyone reading this to treat themselves to something lovely tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be super expensive or extravagant – maybe one of these:

1. Boots Extracts body wash and body butter… they smell lush. Currently I’m using the Almond body wash and the Cocoa body butter. I’m actually sniffing my arm now and I can still smell the cocoa body butter I put on after my shower earlier. It also absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling lovely and smooth. I think I will have to get the full range of cocoa butter items once I’ve finished with what I have. This is a new find and I think it is definitely going to be a long term favourite. They do this little selection box which I like the sound of: http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Extracts-Cocoa-Butter-Selection-Box_1251486/


2. Benefit “Hooked on Carmella” perfume. This one is an established favourite… smells sort of floral and vanilla (can you tell I like sweet scents?). Everyone comments on this (in a good way!) when I wear it. Several of the men I work with have asked what it is so they can get it for their wives as gifts… I think that is a good sign!  http://www.boots.com/en/Benefit-Hooked-on-Carmella-Eau-de-Toilette-30ml_1104360/


3. This is in no way a high end item – but it has been doing good things for my hair for a while now. Was using it before chemo and it really helped keep my very thick hair under control. Now I’m spraying it on liberally to try to get my chemo ravaged hair back into some kind of good condition. It is cheap and cheerful – but it really works. Boots Coconut & Almond leave in conditioner: http://www.boots.com/en/Boots-Ingredients-Coconut-Almond-Leave-In-Conditioner-150ml_863451/


4. Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub… it’s another sweet smelling tub of loveliness. Oats and Shea Butter and Sugar. To be honest it smells so good I want to eat it! I’m actually using up a different Soap & Glory scrub (FLake Away) at the moment. It does the job pretty well but I don’t like the smell as much. They do have another one called Sugar Crush which sounds like it might but up my street! So far though. Breakfast Scrub is my favourite. Smells fabulous, exfoliates well but is also very moisturising. I’m looking forward to using up all my other scrubs so I can go get this again asap! http://www.boots.com/en/Soap-Glory-The-Breakfast-Scrub™-Body-Exfoliator-300ml_1114195/


So they’re the four things that immediately sprang to mind – apparently I have a bit of a penchant for sweet things! I do actually have a Debenhams gift card that my workmates got me when I was off work for surgery. I might go and have a sniff of the perfumes tomorrow as I fancy trying something new. I’ll report back if I find anything I love…

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